If you are looking for the synopsis of Chapter 14, "No More Fake Smiles", click here.

Author's Note Edit

So after the terrible time that Rain has had the past couple days in canon, it sure would be nice if she could catch a break, right? Chapter 14 is intended to be much lighter than the last few. It’s not without its drama or twists or revelations (I mean, come on, it just wouldn’t be Rain otherwise), but I really aimed to kind of ease up a little after the recent developments. And I have to tell you, it was nice to depict Rain with a genuine-looking smile again. It felt like ages.

And then there’s the two ladies shown alongside Rain. I don’t feel like getting into it. I’d much rather hear your thoughts on what it means or why they’re there.

(Oh, and in case anyone was going to ask “Amber Orbice” is an anagram for Abercrombie. Just another parody is all.)

Transcript Edit

No dialogue on this page.

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