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Ky(lie) is a Gender Fluid individual and the younger sibling of Heather Coven. Ky passes so well as male that even Fara was surprised when she found out Ky(lie) was assigned female at birth[1]. Ky(lie) despite being transgender*, isn't fully familiar with the terminology themselves[2].

Sexuality Edit

Ky(lie) has currently unnamed sexuality where they crush on nearly everybody but then gets over it quickly[2].

Genderfluidity Edit

Ky(lie)'s gender changes depending on the day. Most days they are either male or female but occasionally they will be neither[3].


When Rain first met Ky, he was in guy mode. It wasn't until Christmas that Rain learned Ky was assigned female at birth. Since then Ky(lie) has enjoyed hanging with the group, without needing to explain their gender fluidity.

Appearances Edit

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references Edit

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