If you are looking for the synopsis of Chapter 6, "Fallen Angel", click here.

Author's Note Edit

If not for the fact that I wanted to do this for the chapter page image, I might’ve actually held off until Chapter 6 started to reveal Rain’s costume. But you know, I figured I could be a little less of a jerk and at least reveal the main character; everyone else can still be a surprise!

The image itself is rather morbid. But I’ll say straight out that overall, I think this may actually be the funniest chapter yet (if I may give my humble opinion). So am I giving you a fair warning for a devastating twist, or am I just psyching you out with some dark-looking art? Only one way to find out, I guess. ^_^

And as you’ve probably suspected by now, Chapter 6 revolves (mostly) entirely around the Halloween party. It IS also kind of a long chapter. We’ll probably still be reading about people celebrating Halloween until just before Christmas, ironically. Hope that’s not a bother to anyone.

Transcript Edit

No dialogue on this page.

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