If you are looking for the synopsis of Chapter 8, "Confrontation", click here.

Author's Note Edit

Incidentally, Chapter 7 and 8 were originally meant to just be one chapter. But they both had such completely, dramatically different narratives, it didn’t feel right calling them the same chapter. For instance, whereas Chapter 7 jumped around all over to show different perspectives and various degrees of drama, Chapter 8 meanwhile is extremely concentrated. So much so, I couldn’t reasonably squeeze in all five of the main characters into this one. (Sorry Fara fans. I promise I’ll make it up to you in Chapter 9!) That also means this one is going to go pretty fast too.

Anyway, I can already imagine someone asking something ridiculous like, “oh my goodness, does the school get attacked by an army of bathroom symbol people?”. The short answer is no. The long answer follows it up with something akin to, “did you actually think that!?” But the explanatory answer is that I’m lazy, and if in the event that I have to draw a crowd of otherwise insignificant people, I’m probably just going to do this. Or, if I do draw them out (assuming I only need a couple insignificant people), they won’t be colored. Remember this going into the chapter, as there are crowds of uncolored people on a few occasions in this one.

Oh, and how do we like the sideways page layout? The dimensions are the same as any other page, you just have to “flip the book on its side” for this one. There’s probably not much use for this, save for the infrequent chapter page, but I felt it was worth giving a shot at least once.

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No dialogue on this page.

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