If you are looking for the synopsis of Chapter 11, "Big Brother", click here.

Author's Note Edit

Funny enough, after ten chapters of this comic, we still know next to nothing about Rain’s family. Rain’s mother and siblings show up in the prologue (but of course, we know why her mom isn’t in the comic due to a revelation in Chapter 6) and the father has still not been seen (and barely mentioned) thus far. Rain’s older sister, Kellen, makes some brief cameos now and again, usually talking to Fara over the phone. And then there’s Aiken, Rain’s older brother (and Kellen’s twin) whom – outside of the prologue – has appeared in one panel of one page up until now.

Aiken’s presence as the sole character on this chapter page should probably clue you in to the fact that things are going change a little here. If I do say so myself, I think people are really going to like this upcoming arc. Here’s hoping I’m right. As always, I will be delighted to hear your thoughts and predictions and whatnot.

Also, before I forget and nobody sees it, I should probably add that the next page will be up on Monday. I’m going back to three posts a week, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. ^_^ 

Transcript Edit

No dialogue on this page.

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