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This was interesting. I got to cover a little bit of Gavin’s past by having Rain prove she remembers it. Exposition at its finest! XD

Um… the image is a bit lazy. I think I was falling a little behind on my “weekly three page quota” at the time, so you get one image with LOTS of narration over it. Sorry. -_-

For anyone curious, “Mad GigaKaizer X” is supposed to be much like “Black Wings, Kaminari”. It’s fake fiction I made up for this comic. However, Mad GigaKaizer X is supposed to be like one of those super giant robot anime from the 70s and 80s. You know, the cheesy “Getter Punch against impermissible evil” kind. And as with virtually every robot that’s ever made an appearance in an anime or video game, Mad GigaKaizer X has modeling kits to be built and painted upon the shelves of its hardcore fans. 

As for the robot itself; I don’t really tend to draw stuff like this often so do be gentle. It looks more like a villain from Mega Man X than any mecha I've ever seen.

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Rain headshot
You wanted it so much, so I went through a lot of trouble to get it for you. Well, or at least my mom did.
Rain headshot
I guess I didn't really get everything she was saying back then, but I think she ended up having to import it.
Rain headshot
She said that it was worth it though. With your parents having just divorced and you about to move away with your mom...
Rain headshot
...She said this gift could be like a symbol of our friendship, which I thought was kinda funny since I wasn't nearly as into those giant robot show as you were.
Rain headshot
Still, she ended up getting me one too. But it... it's still in the box. I was intimidated by all the hundreds of little tiny pieces and gav up before I started.
Rain headshot
It'spretty cool to see it all finished though. You did a rally great job with this.
Rain headshot
But she was right. I never did forget about my old best friend. Even if I was just looking at a box for five years.

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