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To answer everyone’s first question: no, Gavin is not handing Rain the lingerie his mom suggested in the last page.

Anyway, these two continue to make the night increasingly awkward for each other. Gavin’s lack of understanding towards Rain’s plight does not necessarily equal a lack of compassion, but it certainly might make it SOUND like it to her. Rain on the other hand, through her hesitation and neuroticism, pushes Gavin’s buttons over and over again.

The night may end in strangulation at this point. 

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Gavin Headshot
Everything okay? You've been in there for a while.
Rain headshot
I, um... missed a spot...
Rain headshot
I can't believe I walked around the mall all night like this and Maria never said anything.
Gavin Headshot
Well, I never noticed. I'm sure she didn't either. Besides you've got that hair... thing... covering that whole area of your face.
Gavin Headshot
Can I see?
Gavin Headshot
Gavin Headshot
Well, I have unused razors if you need one.
Rain headshot
Wouldn't they be men's razors though?
Gavin Headshot
Whatever... They're in the cabinet if you want to use one. Here's some pajamas courtesy of my mom.

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