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Surprise! Gavin’s mom is home after all! Who didn’t see that coming!? 

Also, Rain and Gavin’s long night of inevitably awkward dialogue wastes no time in getting started… ^_^

Transcript Edit

Gavin Headshot
Finally here.
Rain headshot
That was a long walk.
Gavin Headshot
Sorry. It must be hard to walk in a getup like that.
Rain headshot
You think so?
Gavin Headshot
Well, I wouldn't personally know; I'm just assuming.
Gavin Headshot
Girl clothes always seemed so cumbersome to me.
Rain headshot
I dunno. I'm comfortable.
Gavin Headshot
M-mom!? What are you doing here!?
Simone headshot
Gavin, baby!? What are YOU doing... with a girl?

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