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Synopsis Edit

Author Notes Edit

Oh, Heather. That beer saved the side of your head from a royal whoopin’. Aunt Fara, “Defender of Transjustice” (I just made that up now) does not approve her trivializing comments. It’s clear that Fara’s getting uncomfortable and probably wondering if she should kidnap Ky(lie).

Speaking of whom, I imagine that kid is confusing a lot of people right now. Are we looking at a true female-to-male transsexual in hiding (or denial)? Perhaps he’s only playing along until he can get away from Heather? Maybe he’s even completely unaware of his own feelings on the matter? Or simply a devoted crossdresser? Any thoughts?

Transcript Edit

Fara headshot
I guess what I'm asking is... uh... is she a transsexual?
Heather headshot
Hey, Ky! You a transsexual?
Kylie headshot
Huh? What's that?
Fara headshot
He... she... changed...
Heather headshot
It when you, like, think you're the other sex.
Fara headshot
It's quite a bit more complex than that, actually.
Kylie headshot
Nah. It's nothing like that. Just sometimes I like being a girl and sometimes I like being a boy.
Heather headshot
Told ya ahe had a weird hobby.
Fara headshot
It's not that weird.
Heather headshot
You look tense. Would you like a beer?
Fara headshot
Yes. Yes, I would.

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