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You, uh… dropped your pizza, Heather. ^_^

Aunt Fara always knows how to tactfully ask all of the right questions. Heather, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to quite understand the question. Cue further awkwardness.

By the way, for reasons unknown, panel 5 cracks me up.

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Fara headshot
So, it's just you two? Where are your parents?
Heather headshot
Our family life is... compicated.
Heather headshot
Let's just say that when I left for college, I decided it'd be better for her to stay with me than our folks. Now she just goes to the public high school around here.
Heather headshot
What about you? You said you just live with your niece, right? Well, where are her parents?
Fara headshot
Heh. Well, I guess the family situation is a bit complicated on our side, too.
Eating pizza
Fara headshot
Okay, Ijust need to clear this up. Should I be calling Kyile a "she" or a "he"?
Heather headshot
I beg your pardon? SHE is my SISTER, right?

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