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Synopsis Edit

Author Notes Edit

Speaking of shippers, between this page and the last page, I’m probably driving some of you folks nuts… I apologize for nothing. XD

As for Maria’s interpretation of Rain’s beloved manga… Well, you guys can just have fun with that one too, just like the last page. Just try not to think too hard about it. ^_^

Highlight of the page: the term “gaydar” going way over Rain’s head.

Transcript Edit

Maria headshot
So... really? Kaminari and Hokori?
Maria headshot
The more I read, the more I don't really like the idea of them getting together.
Rain headshot
But that's just how the story goes.
Maria headshot
I know, I know. I just...
Maria headshot
I'm getting this vibe from the other girl...
Rain headshot
You mean Aneko?
Rain headshot
With Hokori?
Maria headshot
With... Kaminari, actually.
Rain headshot
You think so?
Maria headshot
Well, you know... I guess I could be way off the mark and all. My gaydar never works anyway.
Rain headshot

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