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And after two weeks, we’re finally back to the main character. 

This is a really odd page. When I finished drawing it, I couldn’t help but think what a bold move this was. I debated redoing the whole thing many, many times over the past month and a half since I actually finished this one. But the fact is, this is an incredibly significant page… just, not for the same reason that any of you would probably realize yet. ;)

I’m going to let you guys interpret this one however you choose. Is it blatant foreshadowing? Is it merely a clever distraction to throw you off? Am I toying with you more than you realize? My answer to all of those questions: you tell me. XD

What I will tell you - in case you were wondering - the characters in the manga are (from left to right) Kaminari, Aneko and Hokori. You will be hearing the story of “Black Wings, Kaminari” frequently throughout this story. It’s okay if you don’t completely follow it or haven’t quite gotten the names down yet though. Most of it is going to be told out of order and in choppy snippets after all. I’ll do my best to make sure you can follow along with pretty minimal knowledge of what’s going on though. After all, it’s not directly relevant, but it does enhance the experience. ^_^

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