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Why yes, Rain is lampshading the way I don't typically draw people in the background. ;P

The background people of the first panel are entirely random. I made most of it up as I went. Any similarity to anyone, fictional or otherwise, is unintentional and entirely coincidental. The one vaguely notable - if wholly illegible thing - is the guy in the background between Aiken and Kellen. I wrote "Aviator Lune" on his shirt, which was a reader suggestion for what Sailor Moon might be in the Rainverse. It is, however, virtually impossible to read. Sorry for that.

The second panel on the other hand is a bastion of references to older (possibly dead) story ideas of mine. The kids are Ira and Dominique from an old work of mine that never got off the ground called God Complex. Their story is supposed to be real world-ish (if wildly fantastical), so in this case, it's less cosplay and more cameo. The boy is holding a shirt with a little creature on it. That creature is Kazoo, a baby dragon from another old work, Prodigal Hearts. The girl is holding a copy of an old game idea of mine, Legend of the Legendary Thing (although it's equally as illegible as the guy's shirt in the first panel).

The background people in panel 3 are nobody, but that Kaminari cosplayer is incredible! ZOMG! She looks JUST LIKE the character! XD

As for the story content, my first and only con experience was a really small one day only convention last year. It was still overwhelmingly crowded beyond belief. Although I imagine Center Con being bigger than the one I went to, a lot of the sights and experiences are pretty closely inspired by what I saw and experienced. 

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