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I toiled quite a bit with whether I wanted this update to be one or two pages.  The first page alone would have been perhaps more impacting.  But I feared it'd also be a huge downer on it's own (when I just got done saying a few blurbs ago this would be a lighter chapter).  In the end, I went the lighter route.  But anyway...

On the one hand, you could perhaps argue that if Colin wasn't feeling like he could adapt to this, it was probably a responsible move for everyone's sake that he not pursue any kind of relationship with Fara.  On the other hand, I personally don't believe it's ever impossible to adapt.  Aiken has known about Rain for almost as long as Colin has (give or take a few hours), and look how far he's come.  The thing about adapting though, is that you've got to want it.  Aiken wants to have a positive relationship with his little sister, even if it's hard for him.  Colin wants straight-forward and simple.  There's nothing inherently wrong with wanting things to be simple, but it doesn't leave much - if any - room for change if need be.  What's left is the possibility of change... but that's on him.

This first page is a huge departure from the kinds of interactions we're probably used to in this story, and I expect some readers will probably be frustrated by it.  Not only is Colin not trying to change, but he doesn't even leave Fara a chance to make any kind of counterpoint.  He just says his piece (while keeping it surpisingly civil), and walks out.  It's super frustrating. 

Can it really end like that though?  Have we seen the last of Colin?  

As for the second page, let's get to the point: I know the name is never dropped (that's on purpose), but I am hoping it's completely obvious who Jessica is suggesting to Fara.

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