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So, the first three panels are how Fara and Colin broke up way back in Chapter 12.  This was never shown, which led to an awful lot of confusion for a long time (sorry for that).  Given it was later explained that this is essentially what happened, I considered leaving out this specific depiction. But I decided it might help explain Fara's hesitation to forgive and forget after all.

The big thing I want to focus on here though: is Colin forgivable?  If you were Rain's guardian, would you be having coffee with this guy after what he said?  We've since seen him in Rain's presence, but can we assume he's had a change of heart as Aiken has, or was Colin just biting his tongue for the sake of being civil in front of Fara?  And following all of that, is there hope for Fara and Colin?  Should there be?

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