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Synopsis Edit

Author Notes Edit

Sadly, Kellen only gets a brief cameo in this chapter. As compensation, we do get to meet the neighbors. I wonder just what sort of people they are though…

Transcript Edit

Kellen headshot
Aunt Fara! You're calling me this time. This is fun and different.
Fara headshot
I'm worried about losing Ryan!
Kellen headshot
Wh-what!? Did something happen to him? Is he okay!?
Fara headshot
Fara headshot
But I'm not...
Fara headshot
I mean, sava for my work and his school - which coincide - I haven't really been apart from the kid for any real length of time in the past six or so years.
Fara headshot
And now that he's got friends for once, and can go out on a friday night, it's just dawning on me that I don't really have much of life outside of him.
Fara headshot
I even stopped dating after I became his Guardian. I'm so out of the loop now. I mean, what am I going to do when he goes away to college?
Kellen headshot
It just leads me to wonder what you guys were thinking when you suddenly up and moved away from everything and everyone you ever knew during his last year in high school.
Kellen headshot
But, I dunno... Why don't you get to know some new people? Not even a "dating thing"; just make some connections.
Kellen headshot
For instance, you just moved into a new apartment less than a month ago... but have you even MET the neighbors yet?
Fara headshot
Hi-ya neighbor!

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