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I’m wondering how many people read the title of my pages before looking at them, and think “what the HELL is she talking about? Cardboard!?” until actually reading it. ^_^

This is an unusually text-light page, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to take note of. That said, I strongly suspect many people will notice none of these things in favor of remaining focused on the bottom row of panels. 

Let’s see how well my prediction goes. XD

Transcript Edit

Maria headshot
She had to walk off to look at a cardboard cut-out?
Maria headshot
So... is this Black Wings, Calamari?
Rain headshot
Maria headshot
Is it really that good?
Rain headshot
Oh my god, yes!
Rain headshot
Come on! Let me educate you on its awesomeness!
Maria headshot
I... uh... Yes, Ma'am...

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