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This is a perplexing phenomenon I've encountered a lot over the years. Some part of me wonders if it's just me though, so let me explain. Let's say you're trans and you have a supportive, knowing cis friend, and they refer to you by your preferred pronouns or name... and apologize and/or take it back immediately afterwards (not maliciously; more like regretfully). Like, they want to do their best to show their support, but they have such a hard time wrapping their head around the concept or something, that they feel like they're doing something wrong. I've never totally understood this mentality, but I've had a fair few friends do this with me (usually in private settings). It's not really offensive or anything (not to me, anyway) because I know they mean well and they are trying, but it can be really frustrating having to repeat, "It's really okay to call me that, you know." XD

So, I depicted that scenario with the clueless Colin basically doing just this. Fara's been over it with him; possibly more than once. And even seeing what he's seeing now, he finds himself second-guessing his pronoun usage. Interpret what he's thinking as you will. 

To my cis friends and allies, I just want to give a little friendly advice: when we tell you our preferred name and pronouns, not only is it okay for you to use them when referring to us, but it's encouraged. Don't be shy; we won't find it weird that you're treating us the way we asked you to. In fact, we'd appreciate it. ^_^

Look at me, coming back with a lecture. ^^;

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