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And you all hate me right now for cutting off Rain and Emily (sorry, that really was the BEST cut-off point).  Don't worry; we'll get back to them a bit later.  There's still lots of MarNel to cover this chapter, so let's check up on them for now.

A little note about Chanel in the second panel.  She mentions having sisters.  This is the first time this has ever been mentioned in or even out of canon (realistically, I imagine most readers probably assumed her to be an only child by this point).  But in my mind, I always envisioned her to be the middle child of three girls (the older being like 20-21, and the younger being like 6-7).  

I've never gone much into her family life at all, really.  And honestly, I don't know if I ever will.  It has been mentioned that Chanel's mother actually has no qualms with her daughter dating another girl.  Mostly, I included this to represent that there ARE actually accepting parents out there (not all of them are Mr. and Mrs. Strongwell).  But without the conflict there, I don't know if there's any necessity to bringing Chanel's mom or dad or sisters into the story.  Truth is, I can't currently foresee a situation where it's terribly relevant.  This is really just a habit of mine, thinking behind the scenes just in case I ever need it (I know every other bit part character's family setup too, but it'll probably never be relevant for any of them).  

Still, that one off-hand line of dialogue made me think I should at least clarify.  Maybe I will give her family a bit of development some time (truth be told, Chanel is actually one of my favorite characters, so I certainly wouldn't complain about getting to work with her more).  But we'll see.  Depends on how well something like that fits.

Anyway, back on topic, what's up with Maria?

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