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Anyway, today's update was not initially planned to be a two pager (although now that I look at it like this, they DO go well together). I just like to extend some of the love you show me right back. 

Getting to the pages themselves, the story of Colin is finally exposited long after the fact. What I thought was a subtly clever way to relay a plot point, ended up being entirely  too subtle and most readers didn't catch what I was going for (don't apologize; it's my fault, not yours). I've explained everything Fara says out of canon in the past, but not everyone reads the supplemental stuff, and there are a fair few people out there whom I think still believed Fara and Colin were together all this time. As such, I felt if I was going to keep addressing this, I might as well drop an explanation into the story by having Rain lampshade the whole thing. 

And then Fara states how okay she is with being single as she walks into the waiting room to find an old flame just hanging out. Well, this could get interesting.

With that all said, how about the questions this page sparks. Like, four tickets, huh? Who will Rain ask to join her? And then there's Fara. Any hope for her and Colin, maybe? Or is a monkey wrench thrown into that idea on account of Vincent? And while we're on that, how is this first meeting in fifteen years for them going to go!?

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Rain headshot
What was that about?
Fara headshot
I bet you forgot about this but a few months ago, I was telling you about the creator of Kaminari touring conventions across the country -
Rain headshot
And that we'd get to go if I kept my grades up. Which I did. And then you didn't follow up on.
Rain headshot
I remember.
Fara headshot
Well, I'm following up now.
Fara headshot
He says there's such a con going on near here over Winter Break next week. And he's giving me four weekend passes there. If you want, I'll gladly take you and two of your friends or something.
Rain headshot
...... ...... ......
Rain headshot
I love you, Aunt Fara.

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