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Hey, it's Mrs. Parker!  We haven't seen her in over 300 pages!  A little over 100 pages since Mr. Broom's [only other] appearance too!  What background characters they are!  XD

I considered going for the Indiana Jones/Clerks reference and having Fara actually say, "No time for love, Dr. Jones!"  But I figured that might be confusing.  It's been ages since we've seen Mrs' Parker, and this is only like the second time we're seeing Mr. Broom.  I was afraid readers unfamiliar with those movies wouldn't get the reference and think one of them was actually "Dr. Jones".  Plus, I wasn't sure if that'd count as going off-track with my bland name product scheme.  XD

By the way, I know the Fara/Colin breakup was one of the most poorly explained events in the story.  I'm sure there are some readers who are just now learning they broke up (the dialogue here pokes a little bit of fun at myself for it too).  So just as a reminder, it happened a while ago during the Christmas arc, when Rain was presenting as male to hide that she was trans from her brother.  Colin wanted to be able to meet Rain on Christmas while Aiken was still there, but Fara was left with the impression that for Christmas to go smoothly, either Colin had to know about Rain, or Aiken did (or both).  She told Colin (off-camera) and he responded very poorly.  It's implied she dumped him for that.

This may be explained a bit more in canon later, but it's not meant to be a secret, so I'd rather be forward about it now.

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