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Author Notes Edit

And here, we start to get into Ana's heavy backst- BACK TO SMILEY! Man, she isn't kidding when she says she's not into the seriousness.

I want to stress that in the last two panels, Gavin is joking around. Ana just derailed the depressing stuff, so he's going with the flow. Not saying he wouldn't like it to be a date, but he's a smart guy and she made her stance kinda clear a couple pages ago. I don't necessarily want to spell things out like this, but after the "friendzone" comment he made last week, Gavin seems to be on thin ice with a lot of readers (and I understand why, but I didn't really anticipate it beforehand). I'm just trying to make sure there's no bad blood.

Finally, today's page was originally planned to be the second of a two-pager with the last. I hurt my wrist (somehow) last week though, so I split them to make sure I don't fall too behind while I recover. I'm already feeling much better so no worries. Next update: back to Rain and Kylie and Emily: the true stars of the chapter. ^_^ 

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