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Synopsis Edit

Author Notes Edit

Well, that escalated quickly. O_O

We've been learning a lot of stuff about Ana this week, but what could it all possibly mean?

Transcript Edit

Gavin Headshot
Ever had a boyfriend... or girlfriend, I guess?
Gavin Headshot
Uh. I know a lot of LGBT... people. I feel obligated to ask like that. I don't know.
Gavin Headshot
I dated a lesbian once, you know.
Ana Headshot
How'd that work out for you?
Gavin Headshot
Not as ideal as most guys think.
Ana Headshot
Ha Ha. Well, I had a boyfriend once - straight guy - shortly before moving here. It didn't work out. Part of why we moved actually.
Gavin Headshot
Your dad was okay with you wanting to move over a break up?
Ana Headshot
Yeah, well... he attacked me.
Gavin Headshot
Oh... sorry. I guess that's a good call.

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