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And now let's see the other plot of this chapter.  Looks like Gavin and Ana have finally made time for their totally not-a-date weekend hangout.  Gavin's pretty much dressed like Gavin, but Ana is looking quite classy for "not-a-date".  Maybe she just likes looking nice (I certainly know that feeling).  Despite her very nice out-of-school outfit, I decided to keep Ana's hair exactly the same though.  I considered having her wear it down or styled in a different way, but somehow she's just not Ana without that ponytail. XD

Also, I considered naming the page "Ember" instead, or even having Ana at least refer to her car as such.  I wasn't sure how many Rain Beaus were familiar enough with my other works well enough to get it though... ;)HTTP://JOCELYNSAMARA.DEVIANTART.COM/GALLERY/60136

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