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Elsewhere at about the same time, it seems Emily is over at Rain's place. It must be kind of a relief to be at a friend's home where she's not going to be judged for her pregnancy. Commentary and questions are inevitable in said situations though. And of course, when it's Fara's home, playful teasing should be expected. XD

And then of course, there's Rain's reactions. Or... is it any of it worth noting?

By the way, to save you some trouble, fourteen weeks would take us back to about the last week of October. 

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Fara headshot
You DO have a little bit of a baby bump now.
Fara headshot
It's still subtle enough to hide, but you're coming along.
Fara headshot
Your boobs are bigger too. Good for you, hon.
Rain headshot
How long's it been?
Emily headshot
About 14 weeks.
Rain headshot
And... you're definitely keeping it?
Emily headshot
It goes against my perfect year and all my plans to please my mom. But things have generally been getting better for me since I threw all that crap out the window anyway.

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