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This is where the chapter gets fun. ^_^

Incidentally, I don't think this is a terribly uncommon occurrence among trans folk (not that it's exactly a requirement either). Speaking purely for myself, any time growing up that I'd be told to "make a wish," only one thought ever came to mind (although, I wanted the opposite thing Vincent did... and I didn't shout out my wishes). And I took every opportunity! That's not just birthday cakes either. See also stars, wishbones, dandelions, eyelashes, necklace chains and - back when I was a religious kid - even outright prayer. I even considered including it on a Christmas list a couple times, but I was afraid my parents would read it before Santa saw, so I opted out. Looking back, I was a naive, little kid. Or maybe just desperate. XD 

For what it's worth though, I STILL wish for the same thing on my birthday cakes. It's become like a reflex for me.

ANYway, given that Vincent is 35, this flashback would date back thirty years before the story's present day. So, this is SUPPOSED to be 1983. I had to do a Google Image search of that year to get an idea of how people should look to at least attempt accuracy, but I really don't know how well I did. It is kinda before my time (albeit only slightly). Looking at the dad, I think I got the glasses down though. XD

The "childhood story" Rain is referring to is, incidentally, the very first page. ;P

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