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Cisgender or cis (which describes a person whose gender identity matches their physical anatomy) doesn’t seem to be a very widely used term outside of the trans community. I often get that reaction when I say it. Gavin would out his friends if he’d finished saying “straight,” but cis doesn’t mean much to a lot of people. Just an observation on my part…

I’ve mentioned this several times throughout the comic in my blurbs, but someone will still ask what the collars mean here. They represent what grade the student is in. 9th Grade – Red (Chanel, Brett) 10th Grade – Orange (Rudy) 11th Grade – Green (Ana, Todd) 12th Grade – Blue (Rain, Maria, Gavin, Emily, most of the rest of the cast)

Just to clarify, of course. In fairness, this IS the first time I address it within the pages themselves. I shouldn’t be surprised people ask.

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