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Synopsis Edit

Author Notes Edit

Suddenly Rudy! XD

Lots to take in here. Between Maria’s brief interrogation, to Emily’s evasion and derailing of it, to Gavin’s intentions, to Rudy’s… well, to like everything Rudy says on this page. And what are you taking from all of this?

Transcript Edit

Maria headshot
So what brings you here anyway?
Emily headshot
Holly and Debbie are looking at prom dresses and I just don't feel into it right now.
Maria headshot
Really? Why's that? You're going to prom, aren't you? I mean, why wouldn't you?
Emily headshot
Prom's four months away. Why rush things?
Emily headshot
Hey. Anyone notice Gavin's sitting with the January Girl today? Is he trying to put the moves on her?
Rudy headshot
Yep. I'm worried about how that'll play out though. Rain has a crush on her too.
Maria headshot
Whoa. Where'd you come from?
Rudy headshot
Dean's office. Standard warning to not "gay up the place." I'm sure you've heard it before yourself.

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