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Hm. I guess Emily called it...? >_>

Possibly one of my new favorite pages. I love drawing these kinds of things (although I think I need a lot more practice). ^_^

Buuuuut… good idea or bad idea?

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Chanel head shot
Ah~! Maria.
Chanel head shot
But... Aren't you afraid people might see you doing this?
Maria headshot
Yeah. But I thought about it after we talked. I mean, I really do want this too. I want to be in a public relationship I'm happy about. I'm afraid of the risks, but...
Chanel head shot
...but if we're out together, then we always have each other. I'm not worried at all, because you're with me!
Emily headshot
Aww. Isn't that special?
Maria headshot
Emily! How long have you been sitting there?
Emily headshot
The whole time. And how long have you been blind?

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