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Author Notes Edit

I love moments likes these. Few things make me feel better. ^_^

Anyway, just because I’ve mentioned it a couple times to a few individual people, this other character is Carmen. If you’ve been following me since at least early July or done a full run of everything in my gallery, you may have seen her before.…

Yes, Carmen is the main character of another future story (because I LOVE intertwining stories with little references and connections). How significant the meeting of these two protagonists is remains to be seen, but it was fun for me to include. Perhaps, Rain will have to make a cameo in Magical at some point when the time comes too. ^_^

Transcript Edit

Rain headshot
Wh-what? Stop staring at me.
Rain headshot
You're freaking me out.
Carmen headshot
I... just think you're really pretty.
Carmen headshot
I hope I'll be able to look that pretty someday.

Rain and Carmen sit sliently looking away from each other.

Rain headshot
Um... thank you.

Carmen is joyous.

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