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Author Notes Edit

A mostly pointless page, but I REALLY wanted to include this. That’s totally what it’s like trying to take a picture of my bunnies too. XD

Transcript Edit

Jessica headshot
So, how does Rain like her gift?
Fara headshot
She's a lot happier with it than I anticipated. Maria made a good call on the phone case.
Jessica headshot
Really? I can't believe that stupid case made that much of a difference.
Fara headshot
Then you don't know Rain.
Jessica headshot
Oh, Rain. How's it going?
Rain headshot
I tried to take a picture of Puddle for my screen.
Blurry pictures of Puddle.
Rain headshot
The stupid rabbit won't sit still, though.
Fara headshot
They're still cute pics...
Fara headshot that hilariously unintentional sort of way.

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