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Synopsis Edit

Author Notes Edit

Pfft… I hope this doesn’t earn me any hatemail. Sorry, guys. I just couldn’t help myself. XD

But hey, seriously, congrats Jess. ^_^

Transcript Edit

Jessica headshot
Hey, I'm home.
Fara headshot
And where were you off to, young lady?
Jessica headshot
I picked up a part-time job at that cafe. I've been there for several hours a day since I moved in with you, and just decided to ask if they needed help.
Jessica headshot
Turns out, they did.
Fara headshot
I love it when things work out well like that.
Jessica headshot
I did embarrass myself pretty badly though.
So what was your name then?
Jessica headshot
It's Judy. No wait! Jessica!
Jessica headshot
Sorry. It's really Jessica. Uh, inside joke.
Jessica headshot
What did you do to me? How does that even happen!? You didn't even USE that name.
Fara headshot

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