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Synopsis Edit

Author Notes Edit

This page almost didn’t exist. It was kind of added last minute, when I suddenly remembered, “Oh yeah, Rain and Emily were supposed to talk this weekend.” So I just wanted to stress that Emily’s just kinda hanging around wondering about that secret Rain promised to share outside of school. 

To flesh out the page a bit more, Emily ALMOST opens up to Fara about her own secret. Fara presents the “wrong answer” though and inadvertently scares her away. Poor kid.

Transcript Edit

Fara headshot
Emily headshot
Hi. Is Rain there?
Fara headshot
Hi, Emily. Rain's not in. Do you want me to have her call you back when she gets home?
Emily headshot
Oh, um... Yes, please.
Emily headshot
Can... can I ask you something...?
Fara headshot
Me? Uh, sure. What's up, hon?
Emily headshot
Do you have any kids? Like your own kids?
Emily headshot
I mean...
Emily headshot
Oh god, I'm sorry. That sounds so rude.
Fara headshot
No, no! It's fine, honey! Don't worry about it. Rain is my sister's daughter. I don't have any kids of my own. Is that what you're asking?
Emily headshot
Y-yeash. Um, nevermind, I guess. Thank you.
Fara headshot
O...kay. That was weird...

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