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Synopsis Edit

Author Notes Edit

This is just a really simple transitional page with not a lot of substance on it, but I REALLY love this one. I’m not sure why though…

I’m going to keep this short tonight. Rather than saying how I view it, let me ask you guys: Is the last panel yet another example of Rudy saying something impulsively dumb or is that actually the cleverest thing he’s ever said? 

Transcript Edit

Madison headshot
So, is it true that your sister and her boyfriend broke up with each other, Rudy?
Rudy headshot
I dunno. They haven't stopped fighting long enough for me to ask.
Madison headshot
You seem a little... unsympathetic. It's your sister and your friend, right? Isn't this a bad thing?
Rudy headshot
Nah. They were kinda wrong for each other from the get-go. It'd only be for the better if they broke up.
Rudy headshot
But either way, I'll fill you in with all the details tomorrow.
Rudy headshot
Looks like I have something else to attend to right now.
Madison headshot
Okay. Later.
Rudy headshot
Hey, chica!
Rudy headshot
Crying again, Rain?
Rudy headshot
God, you're such a girl sometimes!

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