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Synopsis Edit

Author Notes Edit

Soooo… Heather’s deal, anyone? For pretty much the whole story, she’s been a bit of an enigma, but we’ve never come any closer to understanding her. Now we’re finally slowly learning something, except for the fact that we’re not. Whatever it is though, even Kylie is in the dark about it!

Thoughts? ^_^

(And thanks again, to everyone on the last page I may not have gotten around to individually thanking. You guys are the best.)

Transcript Edit

Jessica headshot
So, can I ask you something?
Heather headshot
Yeah, sure.
Jessica headshot
I mean, I know this is super taboo. I would never ever ask this under normal circumstances, but I...-
Heather headshot
You wanna know why I can't have kids?
Jessica headshot
Uh, yeah.
Heather headshot
Well, I would never ever tell anyone under normal circumstances. Even my little sister doesn't know about it.
Heather headshot
So, don't take it personally that I don't want to talk about it with someone I just met an hour ago.
Jessica headshot
I see... I guess I can't argue that. Not like I haven't got dark secrets myself.
Heather headshot
You know what, Jessica? I don't have a lot of friends too close to my age, but I like you. You seem to be very down-to-earth.
Heather headshot
Anyway, I have a paper for class I really need to be writing right now, but if you're going to be in the area for a while, we should do this again sometime.
Jessica headshot
I'd like that. I'm not going anywhere anytime soon. And I'm up for coffee whenever you want!

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