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Synopsis Edit

Author Notes Edit

You have to feel bad for Jessica. Whether you believe she handled the Aiken situation as well as she could or she was in the wrong, this poor girl is still beating herself up over it. And she can cover up her feelings with all the amusing revenge statements she wants, but it’s clearly digging at her. 

I wonder if Aiken’s handling single life any better than she is?

On a lighter note, in case you don’t follow me on DeviantArt or Facebook, I’m too excited to not mention this. As of today, I am finally officially, legally Jocelyn Samara DiDomenick. I still have a million and one documents to change over, but it’s pretty exciting either way. I can’t even believe I finally did it. ^_^

Transcript Edit

Heather headshot
Oh, geez. I must sound like a total jerk right now. Here I am whining about my problems, and you have the same kind of thing going on.
Jessica headshot
It's okay. I've known my whole life. I'm not happy about it, but it's something I've come to terms with.
Heather headshot
Even still, I'm sorry. Does that have anything to do with why you and your fiance broke up?
Jessica headshot
Ah, well... not in so many words.
Jessica headshot
I mean, he knew that I was infertile. I just...
Jessica headshot
I didn't tell him why until too late.
Jessica headshot
Wish I'd told him sooner. Maybe he'd have been more understanding. and even if he wasn't, I could've saved myself the heartbreak of getting too attached and actually missing a guy who hates my guts now.
Heather headshot
I'm sorry. I kinda turned this all into a bummer.
Jessica headshot
Don't sweat it. I can and will still verbally beat the crap out of him to you.
Heather headshot
That's the spirit!

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