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While we all know how much Rain loves having Jessica around, you have to imagine another boisterous personality at home makes expressing herself that much more difficult. You see, “I have a double date this weekend” seems to be all Rain could get out before Fara and Jessica ran with it. Said statement may have been proceeded by “but my boyfriend and I seem to be having some issues”. Or even “and I think I might have a crush on a girl”. Being the quiet one in my social groups, I feel her pain. It becomes a matter of waiting for that lull so you can throw in the new topic. In this case: the therapist.

Next update will be the last for the chapter. And then a two week hiatus. I know you don’t want to hear that because honestly, I don’t want to DO it. However, I’m behind on a lot of things. Let’s just say this hiatus will be no vacation for me. Chapter 16 will begin on Wednesday, July 17th regardless of everything else, so let’s hope it’s a productive couple of weeks. 

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Jessica headshot
Double date, huh? Never been on one myself. I'm kinda jealous. But I'm jealous of a lot of things with you to be honest.
Jessica headshot
Not the least of which that you've still got a boyfriend at all...
Fara headshot
Hear, hear!
Fara headshot
Can you believe my co-workers were making fun of me about Colin today?
Jessica headshot
Get out of here. Really?
Fara headshot
Yeah. She's all "'cause he's a dating site guy," whatever that means. I was apparently supposed to expect it.
Jessica headshot
Not that it worked for either of us, right?
Fara headshot
Rain headshot
So, um... Did you talk to that therapist yet?

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