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Synopsis Edit

Author Notes Edit

And we finally learn the January Girl’s name. I almost named the page directly after her, but I wanted you to hear it from her mouth; not mine. (Fun fact: her name actually came from the suggestion from a reader!) 

As for Rain, I think she handled that interaction pretty smoothly. About on par with me meeting new people, really. XD

Transcript Edit

Ana Headshot
Sorry if I'm intruding on anything. I'm just trying to hide from that Drew guy. I'm used to boys hitting on me, but he is relentless. And I think I made the mistake of humoring him at first.
Maria headshot
Yeah, he's trying prove he's not gay.
Gavin Headshot
Would you grow up!
Ana Headshot
Oh my, that would be awkward...
Ana Headshot
Oh, I'm Anastacia, by the way.
Ana Headshot
Or Ana - with one "n" - for short. It's nice to meet you.
Maria headshot
I'm Maria.
Rain headshot
M-me? I, um... My... I'm... My name is... um, Rain!
Ana Headshot
Oh, what a pretty name.
Rain headshot
Th-thank you... Yours is too.
Rain headshot
May I be excused? I'll be right back.

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