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Moving along, we get an explanation for Rudy’s absence throughout much of this chapter, followed by some more self-depreca-…

Oh~! XD

If I may say so, the January Girl is like my new favorite character to draw. She’s kinda fun, on account of her being SO asymmetrical. If I may also say, it’ll be a huge relief when I can stop calling her “January Girl” and refer to her by her real name. 

Transcript Edit

Maria headshot
Chanel should be here any minute. Rudy said he wasn't feeling well though.
Maria headshot
I saw him after first period. He was white as a ghost and saying it just hit him suddenly before classes started. A class later, he texted me saying mom was picking him up.
Gavin Headshot
Geez. I wonder what happened.
Maria headshot
Meh. It's that time of year, So something's probably going around. Chances are we'll all be sick in the coming weeks thanks to him.
Rudy headshot
I, uh... need to hit my locker before class. I'll see you at lunch, Rain.
Rain headshot
His mood dropped right after I told him I was transitioning. Is it because of me? Did I make him... "sick?"
Ana Headshot
Hey, random people whose names I don't know yet!
Ana Headshot
Mind if I sit here temporarily?

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