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Let’s just pretend the guys in the first three panels are the tallest kids in school. Seriously though, this was clearly a error with proportions on my part. Honestly, not really sure what went wrong there.

But more importantly, then there’s Drew. Many have probably LONG since forgotten who he is, so let me do something kind of unusual for me and fill in the gaps: Drew’s that blonde guy in the last panel, and he’s well known for the pervy vibe he gives off ( 10:High School in a Nutshell ). At the Halloween party, Drew and Kylie (presenting male at the time) had a brief chat while intoxicated ( 159:Male Bonding ). While nothing happened between them, Drew found himself still thinking about (and apparently attracted to) Ky the next day ( 174:Drew ). And still weeks later ( 207:Flagpole ). Drew obviously doesn’t know Kylie’s true identity, but the fact remains that the whole situation has caused him to question his sexuality

So now we’re finally catching up with this arc a bit, and this character remains unsure of himself two whole months later. Or does he? What do you guys think? Is Drew actually gay or not?

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Rain headshot
Um, excuse me. Excuse me, please.
Rain headshot
Yeah, thanks for moving. Totally appreciate that.
Rain headshot
What's with this crowd?
Maria headshot
Everybody's just waiting for the January Girls.
Rain headshot
The what?
Gavin Headshot
Ah, right. this is your first year here. Well for whatever reason, we always seem to get new students on the first day back after Christmas break. And while it's really just a coincidence, they do tend to be girls. Hence, the term.
Maria headshot
Two years ago, it was Holly, actually.
Maria headshot
Drawing a blank on last year though...
Rudy headshot
Madison Vintage. You probably don't know her. She's in my class.
Gavin Headshot
Anyway, I'm hoping for some real hot girl to show up, so Drew in particular can lust over her and stop pretending to be gay. That bit's just getting old.
Maria headshot
I dunno. He's carried this one on since Halloween. I'm starting to think the lie was actually the "straight guy role". I may have a crappy gaydar, but having faked heterosexuality before, I feel like I should be able to recognize it.

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