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Synopsis Edit

Author Notes Edit

Poor Maria. She’s suddenly so conflicted… ^_^

In case anyone was wondering, Rain is trying to stretch out the gym shirt a little. What she’s trying to hide is already plenty hidden, but in case I haven’t driven this point home yet, Rain is neurotic and worries about these things. Of course, it just makes it appear as though she’s posing for Maria or about to curtsy, making a totally innocent gesture appear decidedly cute. Cue overactive teenage hormones and confusion. ^_^ 

And there was much blushing. O\\\O

Transcript Edit

Maria headshot
So, how are you holding up in there, Rain? Are you almost ready?
Rain headshot
I don't know. There's no mirror in here.
Rain headshot
I guess it's kinda stupid, but I'm afraid to come out if I don't know for sure that I pass.
Maria headshot
You know, Mrs. Parker stepped away for a minute, so maybe I can be a second pair of eyes for you.
Maria headshot
You know, if you want...


Rain headshot
Maria headshot
I really didn't think you were going to say "yes", but I'm happy that you're letting me help...
Maria headshot
Maria headshot
Rain headshot
So, do you think anyone will be able to read me...?
Maria headshot
No. Rain, knowing what I know, I can't even read you...
Maria headshot
Um... on an unrelated note, are you sure you weren't yanking our chains about the whole "Ryan thing"?

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