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Oh, how time flies when you’re having fun. The game breaks up in favor of this chapter ending at some point. I don’t realistically know if what transpired would have actually taken quite that long (Gavin kinda lampshades this), but you can make up whatever excuse you like. Something like, the kids banter off-topic between pages. Or they spent literally two hours in silence when Emily got there. Or at some point, Rain ran out to get more soda and nachos putting the game on hold, but no place had them so she had to walk all the way to that one convenience store that totally gouges their prices (you know the one). You know, whatever fills the time gap for you. Feel free to be creative. XD

ANYway, fun topic on this page. And I’m sure many of you were drawn to page’s title. Honestly, it’s strangely exciting to hear them all talk about it. ^_^

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