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Synopsis Edit

Author Notes Edit

I apologize in advance. Most of the dares are pretty lame. I’m not above openly admitting that the “truth” option was the reason I included this game in the story (but it would’ve been unrealistic if EVERYONE chose truth). ^^;

Anyway, I think this is quite an interesting development. Maria knows full well who Gavin really likes, but actually helps prevent that little bit of information from looming over the party for the rest of the night. So maybe nothing was really resolved, as Rain remains none the wiser. But for Gavin’s sake, I can only hope this doesn’t turn into something later. (But yes, this is the only “Truth” that ends up being a lie... although technically, Gavin didn't say anything. So he really didn't lie at all.)

Also, at the end, Rudy is joking. I hope people know by now that he does that. Anything, especially to get a rise out of Gavin (seriously, no pun intended).

Transcript Edit

Gavin Headshot
Uh... Holly?
Gavin Headshot
Emily headshot
Hey, you're his ex. Can you confirm or deny this one?
Maria headshot
Oh yeah, it sounds about right to me. He is kind of a boob man. God only knows why he liked me then, but you know...
Emily headshot
Well, it's boringly typical. But good enough. Your turn, Gavin.
Maria headshot
You owe me, Gavin...
Gavin Headshot
I know...
Gavin Headshot
Er-hem. Rudy.
Gavin Headshot
Heh. I was hoping you'd say that. See, I'm awfully stressed about by the last question.
Gavin Headshot
How about a foot rub?
Rudy headshot
With a happy ending?
Gavin Headshot
Just the feet, thanks...

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