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After two weeks of depressing pages, let’s cut to a merrier holiday, shall we?

Apologies on the haphazard-looking binder. I did research; I really did. Didn’t help. I found a lot of pictures of people theoretically wearing them underneath their clothes, but I still don’t have a very clear idea on what a binder itself actually looks like. So, I don’t really know what I was going for in Kylie’s hand, but it looks stupid to me. If anyone has a competent reference, I will be more than happy to update this page in the future.

Transcript Edit

Ky(lie) headshot
Thanks for everything, Heather. I kinda feel bad only getting you the one cheap. little thing.
Heather headshot
Don't sweat it, kid. You drive me crazy sometimes, but you know everything I do is for you. And I've been tutoring a lot so I had the money.
Ky(lie) headshot
Whiiiiiiich brings me to my next point...
Ky(lie) headshot
...the binder?
Ky(lie) headshot
I mean... awesome!
Ky(lie) headshot
But seriously. Who are you and what have you done with my sister?

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