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This is a weird page. First off, there’re a lot of panels in this one. And only three of them actually contain dialogue. Instead, we get an unusual amount of visual cues from facial expressions, and two shots of the TV for the game. (Funtendo Park, by the way. It comes free with the Yuu Us.)

I really like this page though, because Rain does something rather bold. I’ve built her up for nearly 300 pages now to be an incredibly shy and non-confrontational person. So of course, she’s not going to be able to come up the right words on the spot, no matter how upset she is by what she’s seeing. It’s just not in her to do that. It’s not to say she can’t get mad though. One could argue (and many of you have) that Aiken’s feelings are at least somewhat justifiable. And I believe that too. But his insistence of having only a male avatar made for her on her own game is indeed something of a passive-aggressive attack. To which Rain passive-aggressively retaliates.

So, let’s take focus off Aiken for a moment and look to Rain. Should she have just played along to placate him, as this is sure to open a can of worms? Or do you believe Rain has done the right thing here, because he has to see how serious she is about this? I would love to hear your thoughts. ^_^

Transcript Edit

Fara headshot
Anyway, I'm gonna make breakfast. Why don't you and Aiken try out your new toy? He's very eager to play with you.
Aiken headshot
Here you go. I set it up and it's ready to play.
Rain headshot
Rain headshot
Hm? What's this?

Baby Bro is selected. Bipp. Bipp. Bipp. Brirring! Rain selected a blonde female mii.

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