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Author Notes Edit

And how many of you remember why you should be freaking out RIGHT NOW…?

(If you don’t, Chapter 6 should offer a good refresher.)

Transcript Edit

Aiken headshot
Thank a lot, man! You were a big help!
Aiken headshot
Oh man! I guess it's for the better that we split up. Baby bro is gonna be so psyched when he sees I got him a Yuu Us for Christmas.
Aiken headshot
Speaking of which, how am I gonna find the little twerp? He doesn't have a phone.
Aiken headshot
Maybe that's what I should have gotten him.
Aiken headshot
Oh well, I'll just run this back to the car in the meantime so he doesn't see it. Maybe I'll run into Aunt Fara.
Chase headshot
Yo, Aiken. What are you doing here?
Aiken headshot
No way. Chase? There's a face I never thought I'd see again. What a small world!

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