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You all knew someone from the school would be there, but who really expected HIM?

Also, this page sort of addresses a bit of a pet peeve of mine; notably, in panels 2 and 3. Video games haven’t been a “boy’s only” hobby… um, ever. Yes, the average video game player is male, but not all of them. So, possibly because I AM a girl gamer, it rubs me the wrong way when guys act like it NEVER happens. Like, “Oh you’re a girl? You’d probably be bored by this then.” Believe it or not, I’ve even had people ask if I’d stop gaming after I transitioned! I guess, because girls don’t do that, so if I’m a girl, I have to stop. Sometimes, I just don’t know. -_-

And yeah, the Yuu Us. Comes out in a couple days, you know. It’s December in Rain continuity though, so it’s already been out for a month there. That said, if the original Yuu’s launch was any indication, I doubt Yuu Us’ really THIS so accessible three days before Christmas. ;P

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