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Synopsis Edit

Author Notes Edit

I wanted to include two little things in this page: an instance of Rain actually smiling and seeming like she’s enjoying herself (if only for a moment). Also, an excuse to show Rain in her normal female appearance (again, if only for a moment). I like this arc, but I too am looking forward to when I can go back to drawing her the normal way again. 

Although Rain was sweating upon hearing Ruby chime in like that, it’s interesting to note that the explanation given to Aiken was 100% accurate. AND it didn’t suffer any male pronouns. Slick!

Transcript Edit

Aiken headshot
so how did you two meet?
Ryan 2 headshot
Uh, well... you see... I... We...
Ruby headshot
We bumped into each other in the halls
Ruby headshot
But we got to know each other and we became good friends.
Ruby headshot
And then we started going out after our first kiss at the halloween party.
Ruby headshot
Although, I had be the one to do the asking out. Very shy, this one.
Aiken headshot
So true. He always was.
Ruby headshot
But I wouldn't have it any other way.
Aiken headshot
Aw. Cute people are cute.
Aiken headshot
Oh my god! Did I just see a smile for a moment there! I swear it was the first time in years I saw that!
Ryan 2 headshot
Hey... I smile...

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