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Suspicions or not, I think their brains just imploded.

Transcript Edit

Fara headshot
So, what's this intense thing? Did you get her knocked up or something?
Aiken headshot
I'll have you know, we haven't had sex yet.
Fara headshot
Why don't I buy that...?
Ryan 2 headshot
Wow. I didn't think they could find a conversation I was LESS comfortable with...


Ryan 2 headshot
That's probably Ruby! I'll get it.
Aiken headshot
She insisted that she wanted to wait until after marriage.
Fara headshot
Aha! So THAT'S why you were in such a hurry to elope!
Ryan 2 headshot
Hey! It's about time. I'm dying in here.
Ryan 2 headshot
Wha... what...!?
Kylie headshot
...the hell...?

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