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Synopsis Edit

Author Notes Edit

The obvious(?) next step to getting our latest hijinks underway. Lots of you guessed this one. Normally, I might be troubled by so many people predicting the next thing, but I was honestly kinda looking forward to this, so hearing so many other people were thinking in this direction made me pretty happy actually. ^_^

And for everyone thinking this plan is ridiculous and will never work, we have Gavin playing the role as the ignored voice of reason...

Of particular note: Maria and Chanel at the movies? If you remember a few weeks back, I opened up about how Chanel’s involvement in the story was… kind of accidental, so I had to make up a lot of Chapter 10 literally as I went. To that end, my outline of Chapter 11 wasn’t really prepared to include her either. On an unrelated note, Maria didn’t play a major contributing role in the chapter either. As a result, I decided to kind of name a diversionary excuse for these two to not be present for a while. They’ll be back in Chapter 12, I promise. ^_^

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